Queen of Cups Last Issue


Queen of Cups has ended its one year run this month as an alternative mini lit mag delivered weekly to subscribers’ inboxes. Over the past year, QOC has featured 53 writers, 53 original writing prompts, 53 tarot cards and around 100 tarot readings! 100 because nearly every issue included a general reading as well as a reading specifically for writers and artists. Check out the last issue featuring poet Courtney LeBlanc and The Empress. The full year of back issues is archived and available for viewing. Thank you to all subscribers and occasional readers alike. It’s been a surprising journey from quirky idea to fruition and such a learning experience.

Church of Needles Officially Released Today


My full-length poetry collection and winner of the Red Mountain Press Prize for 2013 is officially released today from Red Mountain Press. The Diary of Esther Small 1886 is also available and is a companion, of sorts, to the poems. My book launch will take place Friday, June 6 at 8 p.m. at the Rockywold Deephaven Retreat Center in Holderness, NH. I’ll be reading from Church of Needles as well as reading poems from my forthcoming collection Split the Crow. 

A Poem from My Forthcoming Collection Church of Needles

The Art of Flying


Apply intent like gentle pressure

to a wound. Superfluous maybe,

but the arms should be extended.

First, a height scaled, a precipice

achieved. Read: a jumping off place.

Try to let go, get heavy

as when you pass from this world

to the other, nightly— chain

breaching a flimsy wall. To rise up,

you must sink like a tonnage of links.

Recognize your intent, but obliquely,

through a half-closed eye. Bow to gravity

as the noose you’ll be slipping.

To join the hollow boned

you’ll have to cast your body down,

cast it off like a wedge of sunlight sliding

from the wall, like the fly

giving its husk to a hook and a nylon line.

But you’re not tethered and you’re not

weightless. So plummet.

Invest not in flight, but falling.

The most you can do is believe

air is measured in fathoms

and bottomless, that earth is a myth

created by birds who would kill for a rest.

The Art of Flying first appeared in Comstock Review

Inspiration for a poem

My poem Man Shields Man, the story of one man saving the life of another when he fell from a subway platform onto the tracks was inspired by a story which I first heard on the public radio show Radio Lab a couple years back and also appeared in the New York Times  The poem was included in The Best of Kore Press 2012: Poetry now available on their website (and through Paypal, so easy). The amazing Native American poet Nathalie Diaz was an editor; the anthology includes poems by Anna Ross, Dawn Losinger, Laynie Browne, Meg Day and many others. As an extra benefit, the cover is great. I love it.

Breaking News!

My first book Church of Needles has won the Red Mountain book prize and wil be published in fall 2014. More on that later. I also have a poem forthcoming (Oct 15) in the inaugural issue of Tupelo Quarterly where my second book Split the Crow was a finalist for the first second book contest. Coming soon: poems in Barn Owl Review and Cider Press Review.