Literary Christmas Gifts 2014


Library Stamp T-Shirt I love the cut of this T-shirt, not boxy, very wearable and machine-washable. Sold through a British website, it’s about $31. Not bad; and I like the sly 1984 reference.


Library Card Socks For the full ensemble. $12.51


Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad I don’t claim to know how a piece of paper is rendered waterproof, but I know a great idea when I see one. There are two inconvenient times ideas seem to flow: in the shower and on the cusp of sleep. This pad comes with 40 pages and a pencil and can be mounted to the wall. Way better than a shower radio. $7.32


Treasure Island E-Reader Cover Fits Kindle, Kobo and Sony readers. If you have to read on a screen, pretend it’s a book! $23.


Paperback Perfume And if the writer/reader in your life wasn’t nerdy enough, now she can smell like a used bookstore. $2.50-$25


Jane Austen Action Figure I think ‘action figure’ and ‘writer’ might be an oxymoron, but if you’d like to pose Jane (or Charles Dickens or Edgar Allen Poe) on your desk as a kind of writerly spirit guide then this is for you. I might also suggest that when any young, impressionable girl on your list asks for a Barbie for Christmas, you surprise her with Jane, and a copy of Sense and Sensibility. $12.93


Time To Write Poster Not sure if the writer on your list would appreciate being prodded, but you may gift this to yourself. I think it would be lovely paired with this vintage phrenology poster. $10.95 and $41.99


Edgar Allen Poe Air Freshener Described as smelling of “Poe-pourri”. I’d opt for the scent of Emerson (cedar and wild fern) in this handsome and self-contained travel candle. $5.36 and $7


Scrivener, Software For Writers I’ve heard only good things about Scrivener and actually just bought this for the young fiction-writer in my life. This software is touted for writers in all genres but seems especially suited to organizing the novel. Essentially, it keeps all your notes, character sketches and research tidy and at your fingertips. $45.


Grammar Tote Bag Well, this might be a way to get people to shut up so you can write in your head already! But may not make you very popular and if you give it for a gift, might be tainted with implication. I think it would be funny to use it as a gym bag, or an ironic gift for a teacher: silently? $14.99


Banned Books Matches and Banned Books Mug ‘nough said. $9.31 and $14.95


Letter Autographed by S. Clemens The S. Clemens? According to ‘History for Sale’ on Amazon, this is an original 1889 letter written and signed by Mark Twain. You’d think with a price tag of $25,000 they’d offer free shipping. Nope.

And finally, I’ll leave you with this helpful and cautionary list on the blog Terribleminds. Pay special attention to number 24. ANYTHING BUT A BLANK GODDAMN NOTEBOOK. The writer in your life will thank you.