Inspiration of the Day


I live on an old farm property whose fields and orchard have reverted to forest. And like most other old farms there’s a dump in my woods. This household dump was likely established in the 1800s (my house dates to 1811) for used bottles and farm detritus. No transfer stations or trash pick-up in the 19th century! All the antique bottles are either broken or buried under a century or more of topsoil. The trash on the surface is circa 1960s to 1980s: tires, pans, metal trash barrels, liquor bottles, plastic, shoes, etc. No-fun trash that should really get picked up but it’s deep in the woods, weeds and blown down tree limbs, quickly becoming buried.  Today, on a walk with the pup, I came across the gem above: a natural terrarium in a bottle neck! I didn’t find it in the dump proper, but on the ‘outskirts’ near a mossy rock. The inside is filled with soil and moss with the delicate fern just beginning to emerge. The bottle cap was securely in place. It’s a plastic cap, so not an ancient bottle, but cool enough for me.  I think of it as a little visual poem in its own right, but make of it what you will: found poem/art, metaphor, message, inspiration, or all of the above.