Church of Needles Officially Released Today


My full-length poetry collection and winner of the Red Mountain Press Prize for 2013 is officially released today from Red Mountain Press. The Diary of Esther Small 1886 is also available and is a companion, of sorts, to the poems. My book launch will take place Friday, June 6 at 8 p.m. at the Rockywold Deephaven Retreat Center in Holderness, NH. I’ll be reading from Church of Needles as well as reading poems from my forthcoming collection Split the Crow. 

A Poem in Passages North Today


Passages North has posted my poem “Sometimes They Keep a Horse” in their Bonus Content today. This poem is from my upcoming collection Split the Crow.  

The poem began in a pretty straightforward way. There’s a farmhouse down the road and sometimes they have a horse in the fenced area, sometimes they don’t. That idea wormed its way into the dark regions of my brain. At first it was just the strange thought of this horse appearing and disappearing, like some kind of sci-fi scene blinking in and out of existence. Then it became a rumination on the idea of impermanence and the way things can both exist and not exist in the same moment, through the clash of reality with our own powers of memory and emotion. Though I wasn’t consciously thinking of the experience, it’s similar to remembering a person you knew in passing (not someone close) who you just learned has died. Those first days you can hear the person’s voice and see the face very clearly, and the person is alive, but not alive.  It’s the same with a place. When one leaves a place they loved or spent many years in, it’s as if that place still lives in memory exactly the same.The poem is in a loose pantoum form, and I find pantoums pretty loose as is. I like the echo-effect afforded in the pantoum’s repeated lines but deconstructing the lines a little made that echo even fainter, a little more ghostly and, literally, disappearing.

Thank you Passages North for taking this one!

The Diary of Esther Small 1886 Is Available Now



The Diary of Esther Small has finally arrived, weighing in at 104 pages with a smooth matte finish cover. If you’ve followed the mystery of Esther Small here on my blog or are just learning about her from the back of the book above and would like your very own copy, they’re available for $12 in my Etsy shop. Purchasing through Etsy is super-easy: credit cards and Paypal welcome. I may list it on Amazon in the future and will post here with a link when I do.

Church of Needles, my poetry collection, is available on Amazon. No longer a pre-order, you can get your copy in one day! like The Secret and other such important books.

New Audio Reading

Red Mountain Press has just uploaded audio of me reading a few poems from Church of Needles to their tumblr. You can hear me in person on June 6 and 7 at 8:00 and 7:30 at the Rockywold Deephaven Retreat Center in Holderness, NH and on July 3 at 7 p.m. at Mocha Maya’s in Shelburne Falls, MA. I’ll be reading a selection of poems from Church of Needles as well as poems from my forthcoming collection Split the Crow and some new, new work. The Diary of Esther Small will be available at my readings along with my poetry.